Whisky isLiquid SunshineGeorge Bernard Shaw, Irish Playwright

around theWHISKY WORLD

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Understand the whisky producing nations of the world. Why whiskies from similar regions have classic commonalities and some distinctive points of gradations. Know the topography, production & whisky classification composition. Read more


An alchemy of water, barley & yeast is a simple yet fascinating process, basic ingredients yet unimaginable flavour & aroma gamut, unlock the answer which impacts the variations imparted onto the constituents by understanding the process of whisky making and its alluring nuances. Read more

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Each time the sophisticated act of whisky drinking throws its fair share of estranged and bulky questions, keeping even the best of its connoisseurs perplexed with notions surmounting the drink in their hands. With an aim to sweep the whisky world away from rights & wrongs into a world which is complete with versatility and drinking pleasure, lets debunk these myths. Read more

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Musings My Lovely Valentine !

I sit alone at the bar, staring listlessly at the whisky glasses in front of me. They glint at me alluringly. A tedious day deserves its moment of wondrous oblivion.… Read more

Musings Sun-baked Celebrations ?

Returning from war, and the warrior lays down his shield and sword. He stares reverently into the loving eyes of his wife. Her sari drapes itself amorously around her. She… Read more