Around the Whisky World Whisky producing regions of the world

It might have taken Mr. Fogg eighty days to go around the world, but when it comes to whisky, it will just take you fifteen short minutes. And that’s about the time it will take you to scroll through the pages below.

Go through it and you will get a thorough overview of how whisky varies across geographies and topographies; some delicious toppled trivia here and there.

You’ll find out how for all those freely-used adjectives in whisky lexicon – light & fresh to rich & smooth or smoky & bold, the turf of the whisky has a generous role to play!

For some of us who relish this experience of savouring a dram in the snobbish milieu of where it is actually made, these places serve as a great “destination holiday location” too.

Let’s begin our journey:

Rest of the world

Not till too long ago, much of the global whisky production was confined to a small cluster of countries, more because of cultural tagging than anything else. However, the growing popularity of the spirit, and the desire to spread the craft has helped whisky traverse borders, and is today being produced in almost every continent.

Whisky is like English. Every region in the world has its own accent and dialect. It’s fasci-nating to observe how different regions have come up with their own homegrown Interpretations of flavours albeit while inheriting a bit from the past.