Coming Soon: Glen Scotia single malt scotch whisky 26/09/2016 in News

We check out a new hot single malt scotch whisky waiting for the green signal of Indian shores

NOW that we are heading towards festive months, it’s – sorry for the cliché – that time of the year, when you stack your cards, take out the crystal, and re-stock the bar. It’s a hectic season ahead folks, and whisky lovers like yours truly already have their bar counters and glasses ready to raise a toast and say cheers,  for the lords of excise have waved their green flags and let the bottles of liquid sunshine barrel onto Indian shores. 

Getting dramatic aren’t we! But heck, in the words of American comedian and writer WC Fields, ‘Set up another case bartender! The best thing for a case of nerves is a case of Scotch’.

And not just any Scotch – the rarest from the fifth region of Scotland.

The Loch Lomond group from Scotland is bringing forth a fascinating malt in the later part of this year.

Bold, adventurous, refined, redefined, intense, smooth – what I find most fascinating with this malt – Glen Scotia – is its obscurity, the rarity and richness of its character. The more unique and in a league of it’s own, the more the chances of them finding a top place in my bar.

So ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be whisked away with the best from the fifth region of Scotland, yep, give yourself a pat if you said Campbeltown, since thats where this originates from:


Whoever coined the phrase ‘old is gold’ was certainly enjoying a glass of Glen Scotia while mulling over it. Here’s an age-old brand that is a glorious testament to time honoured tradition and character, a royal swig that is befitting for ahem, a Queen. It’s a dram straight from the Victorian era, from a tiny town called Campbeltown, which once held the distinction of being the whisky capital of the world. So we have the Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Islay to flaunt their distilleries and turf prowess, but there was a time, when Campbeltown witnessed Scottish monarchs being crowned, and ran 28 distilleries. Today, three distilleries remain, Glen Scotia being one of them, built near Campbeltown’s ancient parliament square.


Glen Scotia 15 year old is an indulgent experience with a signature nose of vanilla oak interwoven with subtle notes of sea spray and aromatic fruits, it is smooth, rich and spicy yet slightly dry at the same time. Matured gently for 15 long years in American oak barrels, it’s bottled at 46% ABV and is non chill filtered.

One look at the bottle, its contents, and its velvety warm glow speaks volumes of the history it carries and showcases. A must have number one this season.

Glen Scotia Double Cask is another romantic reminiscence of the Victorian Britain.

Glen Scotia Double Cask is one of those full-bodied, heavily flavoured whiskies with a slight saltiness taste. It’s also a whisky that carries in it a deep, dark mystery.

Similar to the 15-year-old, Double Cask is finished in American oak barrels, however with the Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks lending it a fantastic balance of rich, spicy fruits with hints of sea spray. One can hint amber, creme caramel, caramelised fruit sugars, wood sugar to fudge before apple and peach come through. If you’re looking to give the tongue a tingling buzz, then take a sip of this, its charred note of bourbon with a pleasing dusty dryness, and the dry distillery character lend a unique depth.

 If you ask me, life runs best on love, laughter and lots of whisky. So keep those wallets fat, the bar clear and the glasses ready to say cheers to these two beautiful maritime scotch malt expressions of this season from the house of Glen Scotia.

In the meantime,

I will leave you with a Campbeltown fact – Someone once described Campbeltown as ‘the nearest place to nowhere and the furthest from anywhere.’ Just like a fine glass of whisky … Leaving us in blissful space of suspension! 

Season’s greetings & we say the best fireworks are the one’s that burst on your palate !


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