Get creative with whisky 24/12/2014 in Showcase

Whisky puritans insist on the pristine form of dram. The most formidable way, for them, to enjoy a fine whisky is to have it neat. From the bottle into the glass, and a swig into your mouth.

However, that whisky is undoubtedly the King of Classic Times, is no secret. Manhattan, Old Fashioned & Mint Juleps have been around for a long time, and added much buzz during the prohibition era. Remember Don Draper sipping these in Mad Men?

What makes whisky a great cocktail ingredient are the brawny aromas that make it really interesting to experiment with the spirit. Not to mention, it can knock the socks off without an incoming hint!

Whisky appreciation enables you to explore the versatility that whisky cocktails have to offer, as well as identify the aromas and flavours that make the drinking ritual even more enjoyable! Not only that, a little of the insider’s whisky-mixology tips, and you can try some of these concoctions at your home – simple and home!

At Liquid Sunshine, we conduct whisky appreciations to enable you to enhance understanding of whisky essentials on “how to taste”. For qualified guest bartenders, we have invite-only events where we create mixes with tasted whiskies – The Cult & New.

We are open to exploring interesting collaborations and partnerships. So, in any case, if making more than just a head or tail of whisky cocktails is on your cards, don’t hesitate to drop me a mail at