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We secretly had to read the diary of one of our writers. He had taken leave to explore himself. We thought he would have gotten back looking like a hermit saint from the Himalayas never to touch alcohol again. But something unpredictable happened. This is one of his diary entries.

Dear diary,

I haven’t had time to write for so long. It has been the most amazing and transformative experience of my life. This experience has taught me the true value of what we consume makes our health. Alcohol was my escape from life card. But now I realize the true spirit of alcohol. This is what I have been through so far……..

A few days gone by, I wanted to drink and eat till I drop. Tiredness was creeping in. I was backpacking across the imperial lands of China with its rich and majestic culture of Art, Music, Food, Alcohol and Martial Arts (Kung Fu). I, being a martial arts practitioner for about 10 years now, was exploring the back roads of the country to find and train under hidden Grand Masters who have left the materialistic aspects of the world and are now living a simple life of hermitism. Looking for some place to rest my gaze fell upon a small broken little shack, hidden under the shadows of a huge tree. Inside, the aromas of traditional ingredients like sauces, oils, fresh vegetables and herbs made my stomach rumble. Sitting down, I ordered everything that they had. Shocked but happy, the old man cooked my meal. He gave me a big pot of rice wine for free for being such a great customer. Eating and drinking, drinking and eating, and then drinking some more, I fell into a vortex of sleep.

Not knowing for how long I was out cold, I felt a tight slap across my face. Opening my eyes, I saw the same old man smiling at me with his broken teeth all happy where as my face was swollen because of his wakeup call. Not knowing where such strength came from, I asked him. I was amazed to find out that he was a Daoist master in the art of Drunken Kung Fu (Zui Quan 醉拳). Finding exactly what I was looking for, I begged him to teach me for days after days. Every day he only said NO, but gave me food and made me drink a lot of rice wine. 10 – 15 days went away; my only job there was to carry big wine pots around, break nuts for him with my hand for preparation of food and drinking religiously every day. On the 16th day he says he will train me. That’s when I realized the value of what I did the past 15 days. He had already started training me, testing my physical as well as my mental strength through out. He told me that the consumption of alcohol in the right amount helps boost the brain, strengthen the bones, increases immunity, lengthens life, and getting naughty and laughing like a kid he whispered, it also helps increase Libido.

My training with my Daoist hermit master continues as I plunge further into the richness of alcohol and its benefits on health. Experiencing the changes on myself and my abilities as a martial arts practitioner, I truly feel, the right knowledge of responsible consumption will surely help enhance one’s life to the next level.

Responsible Drinking:-

Responsible alcohol use for healthy adults means up to one drink a day for women of all ages and men older than age 65, and up to two drinks a day for men age 65 and younger.

Examples of one drink include:

  • Beer: 12 fluid ounces (355 milliliters)
  • Wine: 5 fluid ounces (148 milliliters)
  • Distilled spirits (80 proof): 1.5 fluid ounces (44 milliliters)


Regulates cholesterol

Boosts brain power

Soothes a cold

Contains fiber and B vitamins

Prevents Kidney Stones

Strengthens bones


Contains plenty of antioxidants

Makes for a good gluten free option


Boosts brain power

Protects your heart

Prevents cancer

Boosts immunity

Prevents diabetes

Helps weight loss


Improves heart health

Slows down aging

Reduces the risk of cancer

Soothes colds and coughs

Boosts immunity


Contains medicinal properties

Increases longevity

Prevents muscle and bone problems

Treats the common cold


Enables weight loss

Improves memory

Boosts heart health


Contains a number off medicinal ingredients

Reduces the inflammation associated with arthritis

Prevents malaria

Fights infections

Keeps your skin healthy

Improves digestion

Promotes weight loss


Lowers your blood sugar levels

Regulates cholesterol

Contains prebiotics and probiotics

Prevents diseases



Story contributed by Chirag Arora


# Any benefits of consumption of alcohol should be consulted with a doctor before following. Individual health and illnesses may affect each individual differently. Neither the writer nor Liquid Sunshine is to be blamed for uncontrolled/ unethical consumption of alcohol. Drink Responsibly.