I’m Green For Whiskey 17/03/2017 in Musings

If you’re reading this, good, it means that my notes have found their way back…

I’ve been abducted by Leprechauns’; those magical, party-crazy, rascally, green Irish fairy-folk.

They stole me away in the middle of the night, right before St. Patrick’s Day, and took me to their lair. Now, obviously there aren’t any Leprechauns’ in India, so I reckon that I’m sitting under an Irish meadow. My phone doesn’t seem to be working. So, if you don’t hear from me again, consider this my last scribble.

Their lair is warm and cozy. I doubt that my life is in any danger, but my state of lucidity is. I’m spiralling into a situation of wondorous oblivion.

The tallest of these diminutive folk is named Billy. He thrusts yet another goblet into my hand, and I am immediately able to distinguish the fragrant floral notes of a Jameson Gold Reserve. The nose is frenzied in its sniffing; making out the vanilla toasted oak bouquet that comes from the Virginia oak barrels that has been melded in with the fruity notes of the sherry casks. It’s mellow, like a regular Jameson, but with involvedness delivered through pot still spices, balanced impeccably with a pleasant peppery finish. The flavour is complex and rewarding. I try and grasp at the gold nugget by my side, but it turns to stone. Ah! Leprechaun gold, I should have known. I’m stuck with the liquid gold that surrounds me, if you know what I mean.

The next goblet contains a generous amount of Tullamore Dew, the legendary triple distilled Irish whiskey, which is also a triple blend, a beautiful amalgam of the ex-bourbon and sherry casks. It has a good body with notes of sherried peels and spice, granary toast with butter, honey grains and vanilla cream. I can smell the caramel, green apples and toffee sweetness.

The leuprachauns start singing a melodious tune

“Here’s to a long life and a merry one.

A quick death and an easy one.

A pretty girl and an honest one.

A cold pint– and another one!”

Many of them seem to have shifted to their favourite Stout, however, a few of us continue with our whiskey predilection.

I am now at one with my surroundings, a sense of serenity washes over me. I am ensnared by the anticipation. I know not what to expect. The first sip serenades my tongue with its melodious yet noiseless taste. The Quiet Man 8-Year-Old is matured in a Kentucky bourbon cask. The Pot still distillation gives the whiskey a sweet note with a piquant finish. It’s as if the whiskey is a repository of experiences, with so many stories to tell. Yet, it remains quiet in eloquence and verbose in its silence.

Wow! I am left speechless…

The next one is an easy drink; the Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey is a blend of triple distilled malt whiskey and a lighter grain whiskey. I notice its abundance, tangy at spaces, perhaps even a bit floral and the smooth warming taste. It’s a versatile whiskey. The leprechauns seem to consider it their digestif.

I’m infatuated with the whiskies, and pay little heed to all the food and merriment that surrounds me. The cave is vivid with fairy-lights, the fire burns happily in its hearth and my hosts break into a song and dance.

I sense a well-smoked and peated elixir in my next glass, its heather freshness and floral notes seems so comforting and intoxicating. The honeyed sweetness and woodiness is so engaging. I take a delicate sip; it’s so full and smooth, with notes of malt and peat, honeyed smoke and barley sweetness.

Ah! The Connemera Peated, she’s my personal favourite…

We apologise for the incomplete article. At this point we reckon that the writer was too inebriated to write proper sentences, and we are therefore unable to decipher his handwriting.

We do however assure our audiences that he is safe, and in a state of enchanted bliss. His current whereabouts is unknown, but we received his notes, a bottle of Irish whiskey and a charming message assuring us that he would be returned to his home safe and sound.

So, as you read this article, we hope that you’re making the most of St’ Patrick’s Day.

After all, the Irish seem to think that you’ve never truly celebrated this day as long as you can still hold onto one blade of grass and keep it from falling off the earth.

May the winds of fortune sail you,

May you sail a gentle sea.

May it always be the other guy

who says, “this drink’s on me.”


If you happen to swing by the Indian Duty Free some of these Irish whiskies should be available for the prices as mentioned – Jameson Original $32, Jameson Gold Reserve $48, Tullamore Dew $25, Bushmill Original $34, Bushmill Black Bush $38


Story contributed by AGGIE THE ALIEN

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