Mezcal Vs Tequila 22/11/2016 in Events

Welcome to the world of Mezcal (pronounced as Mescal), we’d say the big daddy of Tequila. By definition, Mezcal, is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any type of agave plant native to Mexico. Tequila, a kind of Mezcal, has variations in production methodology and the type of agave used – agave Tequilana (blue agave).

So all Tequila is Mezcal, however not vice versa..

November, a month of new launches, saw a new category launch in the form of Mezcal. Amongst the many tastings which were conducted across the city we attended the one at La Bodega and met the very fascinating Sergio Inurrigarro, President of the ProMezcal Association.

Sergio, in his rather inimitable Mexican style took us through four brands and their tastings. The aspect of appreciation that we enjoyed the most was the ritual of tasting.

Before you take a sip, collect enough saliva in your mouth, take the pour of the Mezcal, mix it and glide it down.

Change it the other way, and you feel a mild sharpness of the alcohol, which disrupts the savouring of flavours.

So here’s another thing, for anyone interested more in Mezcal, there are three ageing variations to Mezcal:-

  1. Abacado (Blanco) – Clear or un-aged
  2. Reposado (Madurado) – aged in barrels for two to eleven months
  3. Anejo – aged for a minimum of twelve months

Amongst the many tasted I quite liked the “La Perla de Tzitzio”, mild spice, yet noticeable sweetness. There was an earthiness which i’d blame it on the serving ritual of the diyas, they looked charming, however added a bit of their own flavour to the purity of the spirit.

As of now there would be only two base variants available in India and thats good enough I’d say, after all its a premium offering, starting at INR 8,000/ 750ml in the Delhi domestic market (as shared with us by the 100 Proof team)

Here’s something to leave you with on what’s Mezcal, straight from the heart of the Mezcal peeps,

Mezcal is a mystic, magical and an extraordinaire drink, when drunk with measure, wakes the spirit up, tames enmity, stimulates imagination, erases resentment, accompanies loneliness and makes the world seem better.

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