Module Details Whisky Appreciation cum tasting sessions

The space of whiskies is unique, just as each whisky is distinct to one another, we understand so would be your resultant preferences.

Our endeavour is to enable you to enjoy and savour whisky in more than one ways. You always drank it, how about appreciating it, our way...

Scotch MasterClass

Duration: 90 minutes
Group Size: Minimum 30 People

We begin with a MasterClass, since we believe in providing you with an elaborate experience. In this tasting we will virtually take you on a Scotland tour with us. Understand the Scotch producing regions, the impact of topographies along with an insight into the production process.

This is followed by live tastings and conversations on whiskies of varying styles to enable you to discover your preference.

Maturation Class

Duration: 90 minutes
Group Size: 30 - 45 People

One for the real whisky lovers and geeks. Get into the skin of the cask and walk the path of the metamorphosis of spirit. Unlock the doubts over age and maturity. Understand the nature of casks used and how it breathes character into the whiskies. Get deeper into the craft of barrel making and the genius behind this handcrafted art.

During the course we will make our way through traditional practices and discuss what the distillers are doing which is novel. Taste with me, whiskies of various lengths of maturation and cask finishes to ascertain its influence on the final output and make your final pick.

Gastronomy Class

Duration: 60 minutes
Group Size: 25 - 35 People

Whether you are a scotch connoisseur or new to your interest in whisky, approach this class with a dual lens to learn and to have fun along the way. The food pairing that you will experience will enable you to enhance the aromas of the given spirit and compliment the serving. For food enthusiasts its based on a strong sense of realism that when pairing whisky with food, the aromas acquired during the course of its production process cannot be negated.

Overall this will be a very delectable experience !

The Class Apart

Duration: 60 minutes
Group Size: 20 - 35 People

For the more curious ones a private class can be tailored to suit your requirements, albeit with the conditions & details given below. A session to discuss scotch in a more detailed way, looking at the production process and having conversations on how to better analyse the aromas associated with various whiskies to deepen your knowledge of this fine spirit.

Please write back to us with the following details:

1. Reason for organising this session
2. How many brands would you require for tasting
3. List the brands
4. Describe in less than 50 words the nature of session you require
5. The venue where this would be held

Please note Liquid Sunshine holds complete discretion to decline the tasting if any of the criterial listed above does not match its comfort or company objective.

Corporate whisky tastings

Duration: 90 minutes
Group Size: Minimum 30 People

At Liquid Sunshine we will provide you with solutions to look into the two following distinct corporate requirements.

MyTeam MySpirit

Give your conferences, meetings, off sites a renewed vigour. Organise with us a unique tasting experience which is intimate yet fun for the group, which enables them to bond and also express their choices openly based on experiences of aromas and tastings.The entire module is anecdotal, oriented with learning and is extremely interactive.

Experts in Business

If you are from the Food & Beverage world, alcohol industry, Travel Retail business or allied, then this class is created for your customer facing employees to be experts in the scotch field. Make them more confident in selling the brands you offer and equipped to handle questions on the industry concerned.

Mail us back with your detailed requirements for tailor made solutions, since we believe each business objective is diverse from one another. Please write back to us with the following details:

1. Objective for organising this session
2. Department from which the participants hail
3. Describe in less than 50 words the nature of session you require
4. The venue where this would be held