The Forgotten Scotch Coffee 28/04/2017 in Musings, Tasting

Th’ ballad o’ th’ forgotten scotch coffee

Scotch Coffee Doodle

Th’ tale forgotten. From the days so rotten. I bring forth today. 

When the rich, so poor. The poor, so rich. The heart of Scotch pure. 

The elixir of life. Brought for the wife. Coffee knocked the door. 

The rich jumped ships. As coffee called dibs. The Scottish stuck to their guns. 

Mixed milk and bread (burnt). Said “what th’ heck”. Their whisky gave the kick. 

Th’ tale forgotten. That’s not so rotten. For the heart of Scotch pure.

The lads and lasses of Scotland stayed true to what they had. The liquid gold, that trickled down like sunshine, from the purity of the Glens, with the smells of the earth, the drink of Gods- Scotch Whisky.

Even though it’s said that whisky was invented by the Irish (please don’t kill me for saying so). The Irish came late when it came to making their famous coffee (19th Century).

The Scottish stood first nearly 3 centuries before (16th Century), without even using actual coffee to make their coffee. Their will just as strong as the thistle, the national flower of Scotland but their pockets emptied out by the crown. They made their coffee with warm milk, sugar and burnt breadcrumbs. The humble beginning to a drink we can now proudly call Scotch Coffee.

Nothing fancy like the Irish counterpart, but here is my take on the Scotch Coffee-

60ml – Scotch Whisky (‘coz anything less than that is not how you drink whisky)

(My personal preference is one of two-

Glen Alba 22yr old from Glasgow, a Blended Scotch with a sherry cask finish which gives it its key notes of white pepper and rum soaked fruit cake.


Ardbeg, an Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky with key notes of smoky but sweet dry fruits and spices which again one can find in a Christmassy fruit cake..yumm..

A mix of strong coffee and hot water (for home, one can use Bru Gold and if you have access to a coffee machine, then just a nice strong double shot of a dark roast hits the spot)

Top up with warm and frothy milk (of your own choice) ( P.S. a quick trick to make frothy milk- pour warm milk in a French Press and plunge away till the milk doubles and becomes frothy and silk like)

And sugar to please (if at all needed)…

Hope you all enjoy making and having this amazing Godly beverage. Do leave comments and other Scotch Whisky suggestions which can be used in this recipe. And please do tag ‘Liquid Sunshine’ if and when you upload a picture or a post of your Scotch Coffee on Facebook and Instagram.


Story contributed by Chirag Arora