Sun-baked Celebrations ? 25/01/2017 in Musings

Returning from war, and the warrior lays down his shield and sword. He stares reverently into the loving eyes of his wife. Her sari drapes itself amorously around her. She approaches him, and tenderly places the cool metal of the bronze stoup to his lips. He delicately sips the pale and magical liquid. Each sip further reinvigorates his weary, battle worn body. The herbs, the spices, the malt and the recipe that has been carried down the generations, adds a sense of potency and loyalty to his haggard enervation, and all that he’s fought for.

The night’s festivities are celebrated with gusto… The battle was won, the revelries were hearty, the warriors were a patchwork of healing wounds and restored dispositions, and the clan had their future to look forward to…

India and its alcohol have always shared a decidedly devious relationship. On one hand, alcohol has been brewed and consumed since the last five thousand years of our history. In times of war, celebration and even piousness. On the other hand, we have Dry Days. No further explanations needed…

Celebration involves consuming a moment with lucidity and gaiety. It’s about giving in to the wishes of celebration. It is about making cogent, upstanding choices in displaying your love, happiness and excitement.

India has fought long and hard for her freedom. She made the choice to unshackle herself from domination. She bestowed on her children, the privileges of making the right choice.

And yet,

We have dry days?

It is pretty much in contravention of freedom, that liberty has a caveat attached to it.

Are we not responsible for our actions? Are we not capable of making sensible and virtuous decisions, without them being forced down our respective gullets? (pun intended!)

Alcohol isn’t about losing control, sensibility and decency. It is about appreciating all that we’ve been given, with a sparkle in our respective eyes and a smile on our individual faces.

We are the sum of our experiences and are free, upstanding citizens of our incredible, diverse and democratic country.

So, why do we go ‘Dry’ when we should be wet with flavour, love, festivity and patriotism?

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  —- Mahatma Gandhi


Story contributed by AGGIE THE ALIEN