The Sky High – Ansal Plaza 11/11/2016 in Reviews

IF you are a true blue Delhi-zen, (or anywhere close to the Capital), then there is one thing I can vouch for this instant – if the iconic Ansal Plaza ever swings back in action, it’s going to be on everyone’s to-do, to visit, to hangout, to shop, to everything list. A mecca for shopaholics, a mini weekend getaway, a rocking recreational place with its amphitheatre and musical evenings, the famous Geoffery’s, a regular pub for many – Ansal Plaza was the place to check in.

It’s been a decade and here’s the good news for this season and year – Ansal Plaza is coming back to life and in a big way and many of us are more than looking forward to the selection of pubs, bars and restaurants lined up for its opening already….Yay!

In a conversation with Shivang Gupta, of the rooftop restaurant, The Sky High promises, we find out how this one’s going to be the largest rooftop restaurant in Delhi!

A cushioned corporate job took a back seat for Shivang Gupta 8 years back when he first decided to become a restaurateur with a café in West Delhi. After catering to the college students with a line of quirky cafes such as ‘Talab and 2 Bandits’, Shivang had a desire to create a beautiful romantic hideaway in the heart of Delhi. 

So what was the inspiration behind Sky High? It was the need to create a magnificent yet affordable place with a focus on giving the customers a memorable experience. “The idea is not to cater to a big crowd on all nights, but to have an atmosphere where food, drink and conversation gently merge in a melting pot of warm sunshine and good company,” Shivang passionately puts forth for The Sky High.

Built on the rooftop of Ansal Plaza, a place that gave many of us our first mall experience in India, the restaurant welcomes you with a white-pebbled sky walk, and a sense of serenity and composure.

The seating is set apart, giving just enough privacy at each table, leaving room for eyes to wander.

“With The Sky High, you will see many other bars and restaurants opening in Ansal Plaza, such as Moonshine and Flying Saucer. However, I do not intend to cater to that crowd or vibe. Our target customer age group is between ages 25-40, who are looking for a good meal and a great experience,” shares Shivang. Their Head Chef Kushal Arora has designed a menu that serves Indian, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. But Shivang personally emphasises on the North Indian selection.

One more month and The Sky High will be flying higher with a liquor license and a drinks and cocktail menu

We wish them all the best!

Meal for two: Rs. 2000

Location: Ansal Plaza, Rooftop

Timings: 1.00 pm to 12.00 am


Story contributed by SHRUTI LAMBA