Whisky, art, music & beyond 24/12/2014 in Showcase

There is no spirit nobler than whisky. Born out of the immaculate alchemy between three ingredients, many say that whisky is a happy accident. That some farmer left the barley in a barrel and forgot about it!

Whosoever thinks that whisky is purely a scientific process, needs a visit to a distillery. As much uniformity the processes might maintain, no two distilleries will have the output tasting the same, even if a few yards away.

Alchemy, like we said!

Whisky is a microcosm in itself. There is life in germination, art in distillation, finesse in fermentation and mysticism in maturation – each being a tumultuous reaction, where even a point percentage difference in a parameter can vastly produce a different result.

A delicate interplay of all the above bring the ingenuity to every distillery’s spirit. Perhaps the reason distillery managers can act in eerie manner, in grasp of odd superstitions. All for a final taste they vouch for and the patrons swear by, to preserve which they will go to great lengths.

At the Distillery Royal Lochnagar, a new manager post World War II came in. He was so obsessed with maintaining the originality of the distillery’s whisky, he did not want to alter a thing in the re-opened distillery, which included cleaning off the cobwebs!

The Glenturret distillery has a feline trajectory to its history. In the middle of the distillery, stands the statue of a proud distillery cat which, as legend goes, kept at bay the largest set of mouse, saving the distillery’s grain stock from certain perishing. This cat, and the members who now follow, have become an ambassador of the brand now.

There is no end to such whisky anecdotes. Punctuated with generous fables and labels, in the world of whisky, there are numerous myths to break, and many true stories to recount, and we are eager to discuss these with like-minded whisky enthusiasts.

There are many such interesting anecdotal references that add to the mystique of the whisky world making it beyond just a technique and more of an enchantment. These are the musings and the stories that we would love to discuss with the like-minded “you”.

At Liquid Sunshine, we have these invigorating conversations on art, music, sculpture, design and many other interesting subjects, where we cast aside our reservations and mould the art of whisky making, and discuss nuances of all these professional spheres and how they interestingly converge, on whisky!

A fine tasting follows. These conversations are by invitation only. If you wish to be part of any such evening, as a participant or a speaker, kindly drop your details at info@liquidsunshine.in